My baby is all grown up.

Sniff, sniff. That is me crying tears of sadness. It's official, she is going to all day kindergarten in the fall. Sniff, sniff.

She can hardly wait to bring her lunch to school, have 3 recesses, go to music, P.E, Check out library books, and the one thing she is most excited about is me driving up to the curb in the morning and letting her out of the car with Braydon & Ellie to walk herself to class.
 She DOES NOT want me to walk her to class. I asked if I could do it for a little while and the answer was like a knife to the back, "No, mama!" I asked if I could walk her to class for the first few days of school, um, yeah that would be a big no too. Maybe baba could try it.
Little does she know she is breaking the hearts of her mom and dad. She's the baby.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that she has only been with us for 2 years. Her personality is blossoming more and more, and she feels less anxious when she has to be away from us. She is no longer that scared little girl, unsure of her surroundings. She is a almost 5 year old kindergartner. Sniff, sniff. 

She is beyond ready for all day school. I had a meeting with the teacher to get more info an how we will challenge her next year, but the conversation leaned more in the direction of adoption process and what is it like adoption an older child, and those who know me, know I never miss a chance to help others understand China adoption.

I have a few months of keeping her under my wing, but each day that little bugger keeps trying to assert her independence......doesn't she know she's suppose to be the baby? Not a big kindergartner, who wants to be dropped off at the curb. Sniff, sniff.