Ellie Update!!!

Ellie had her last surgery yesterday to close up her arm. She is so happy. 

Brandon and I took her to the hospital at 7am yesterday for what we were hoping would be our last visit to the O.R. 

Everyone there is so nice. I know it's not a good thing that people remember you in a trauma center, but it is a good thing when they make a little 8 year old girl feel like a rock star. All the nurses say good morning to Ellie (not me or Brandon), ask her how she is feeling, turn on cartoons, get her extra warm blankets and compliment her on her ultra fabulous nail polish. What more can a girl ask for?

The surgeon came in to answer some of our questions and to go over what they would do if the wound was ready for closure. It was nothing that we weren't expecting. A small split skin graft from her thigh. He said where they took the graft was going to hurt more then the actual closure. I was not totally thrilled about the location of where they were going to take it, but they knew best.

We said our I love yous as they wheeled her to the O.R.  She was all smiles because they promised to give her the IV after she was a sleep.

Brandon and I went to the cafeteria for some much needed coffee and breakfast. I will say the food for a hospital....eh, not bad, but then again my expectations are pretty low.

Completely engulfed in the newspaper and enjoying my maple bar (I know nice breakfast) I see Brandon out of the corner of my eye look up quickly and a little puzzled. The surgeon was walking our way. How could this be? She had only been in there 30 minutes. Of course in a matter of seconds 100 things run through my head. One being that they can't close it for some reason.

He looks happy and begins to explain that they graft from the thigh is not necessary. The wound is closed most of the way and they will instead take a smaller graft from her groin. 

The graft from the groin will be stitched closed and she will heal from that in a day or two. YIPPIE!!!

So 8 more days with the wound vac and then she will be back to have the bandages off. That will be it. No more.

I can say that I'm a little nervous to see it after the bandages are off. I think the true reality will be here for all of us when we actually see that there is no hand there. With the bandages on, it sort of hides it. The routine has become so routine that I forget that she will have no hand when the bandages come off. Not that it bothers me that she will only have one hand, but I just feel sad sometimes that this had to happen.

Sometimes I get a rush of reality and think to myself...did this really happen? It can be overwhelming, sad, irritating, and confusion all at the same time. 

 I guess next week we will all get our dose of the new normal.