a tag right up my alley

Here are some of my purses
Here is the purse I'm currently using.....Spring 2007 Coach 
Be ready for the contents of this purse....you have been warned.....

The pharmacy department ; 2 prescriptions, a tampon, Neosporin, Zyrtec for my allergies,Flonase for my allergies, Tylenol, 2 travels size purells  beacuse I have 3 dirty kids.
The Beauty departmentt; 1 lame hairbrush, 1 perfume, a rubber band, 2 Mac lip glosses, 1 Mac lipstick, 1 body shop grapefruit lip balm, and one Cinderella chap stick.
Electronics department; 1 cell phone, 1 disposable underwater camera, used in Gma Pam's pool, 1 camera for those moments when you need a camera, ipod headphones, cell phone charger.
Fiance department; 1 wallet with the contents that are to horrific to share (that's another post )
1 checkbook with no cover on it (why? I never use it, only to pay for football) 1 pen to write football check, and 20 cents.
Toy Department; 1 McDonald's speed racer toy.
Jewelry Department; 1 Gucci watch given to me by dear sweet hubby, 1 pair of cheap target earrings that I love, love, love, 1 wedding ring (it was off because I was at the gym working out) another rubber band, 1 strange bracelet belong to some little girl in this house.

In true BFF fashion Carrie has tagged me with a tag right up my alley.

All about purses. There are no rules. Just show us your purse/purses.