good bye old friend..

Today is the day that I had to say goodbye to my very last CM tape runner. This tape runner is the old throw away version, before people started complaining about it not being "reusable" 

All I have to say to that is WHATEVER!!! Who cares about that when you are scrapbooking? It's a time to forget about being green and think about being creative.

This tape version of the tape runner was by far the easiest to use, easy to hold, and made me get more pages done. (I'm blaming the tape runner for my chatty mouth at scrap camp, I would have done more pages if the tape runner was easier)

Back a few years ago Carrie and I bought all the old ones we could get our hands on, even tried Ebay. Most of the consultants looked at us like we were weird. Why wouldn't we want the new version? It's better.

Haven't you ever loved the old product better then the "New and Improved" one? 
When we would get them, we would stash them away like candy for a special occasion. Only using them sparingly. 

Well, needless to say, this was the last one. I savored every inch of it's magical adhesive like it was a decadent piece of chocolate cake, until I went to place a photo on a page today and I saw the tell tale red stripe....The end was near. My heart sank, I knew this day would come. Sniff.

Goodbye old tape runner, you were loved, and don't let them tell you the replacement is better, because, it's not. Sniff.