oh my gosh!!!

I don't think I have been this excited about a computer EVER!! 

I may have found something to take the place of my Guitar Hero III addiction. 
We bought the new iMac. I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use. I know why people rave about them now. 
The slogan they have is perfect, "It just works." They are right it does, just work.
 I have been sitting here trying to make it more complicated then it really is. I'm guessing it's all the years of the "other" brand that has me so frustrated.

Yesterday I made a movie of pictures with music, and burned it to a dvd in less then 20 minutes. On the old computer I spent days trying to do that, got frustrated and never went back to it. I still have the 79.00 program sitting in my office collecting dust (sorry honey!)
I'm just so dang excited.....maybe I'll be blogging more. 

The kids go back to school tomorrow (insert me doing the happy dance) So guess where I'll be with my morning coffee??

Dang, I may not be able to sleep tonight!!!