Open letter

Dear Mr. Guitar Hero III,
Ever since we have met on Christmas Eve I cannot stop thinking about you. Please do not mention this to my husband, but I have even had dreams about me and you, together, here at home making beautiful heavy metal music together.

I walk by you many times a day, only to think, if I get a few more things done, I can hold you for a brief moment, push your colored keys, and strum you rhythmically to some of my favorite tunes.

As I turn you on my heart races, my palms get sweaty and I begin to know why I fell for you. You are a challenge. You bring out feelings in me that I have never felt before. You make me feel like the rock star I have always wanted to be.
Even though the crowd boos me off stage, I come back to you for more, together you and me over and over again, until I must leave you once again out of pure frustration, guilt, and disappointment in my performance.

I have never met anyone like you before. Frankly, I have had many video game before, but none that have made me feel like you make me feel.
Please do not be upset, but I have to take a break from you. I find that my obsessing over you is getting in the way of my daily duties. The school frowns on me being late picking up the kids, because I was home with you, this is not easy to explain to people that have not experienced you like I have.
When I get my obsessive feelings in check, and have returned to my duties, I hope you will have me back.
Forever in Love,