I'm about this close to getting kicked out of school. Yeah, me. I'm having a real hard time keeping my composure when it comes to a few people at the school who think they know what is best for Ellie.
They may have the teaching degrees to make them qualified to do their jobs, but let me ask you this, have they ever adopted an older child from an orphanage? Or even had one in class? Or had a child like this live in their home Think not.

Her ELL Teacher has asked me several times now if I'm going to "allow" Ellie to continue with her Chinese language. "Allow?" I said it would be easier to continue that if she had someone in our family who spoke Chinese. But, we are not Chinese and we don't speak it. Her response was, "Can't she call some family members in China?" Family members?
Honey, if she had family members in China she would not have been an orphan.

So, then she wanted to know how China could let us adopt her if nobody in the family spoke Chinese. How did they expect us to communicate with her?
I told her we managed. Ellie picked up on the language quickly and was more then willing to learn. She wanted to communicate with us. I know enough words to help with her basic needs, but other then that we did a lot of pointing and hand gestures....it worked for us.

Don't get me wrong if Chinese language classes were a bit closer and more convenient and I didn't have 3 kids, a husband, responsibilities at home, school, sport activities, a budget, and a ELL teacher breathing down my neck, maybe we could drive to Seattle, 45 minutes one way, without traffic, to give my kids Chinese language lessons, but that is not the real world for us.

Ellie was brought to this family to be our daughter, to have a childhood, a life, and opportunities she would not get in China. I want her to be a kid, to be successful in school. Right now that means learning English so she can be successful in school and in life. The relearning of Chinese can come a bit later, but for right now I'm doing what we feel is best little miss ELL lady.....I'll see you on the playground at 3:00.