DUUUDE, what's up?

As we were shopping for some warm weather clothes yesterday for our trip to Arizona soon. We happen to come across this very cool skateboard at Braydon's favorite store.....We couldn't pass it up.

The girls totally had to get in on the action. Lila even took it as far as telling the neighbor boy, "Hey, Brogan dude, come on over and hang with us, we're boardin'!" Dude?, Hang with us?, boardin'? How does she know skater lingo and 4?

The girls have never rode boards before, but it only took about an hour and they were racing down the road. Baba needs to build us a half pipe now.
This morning before I even got out of bed I could hear them planning the day, by figuring out after what cartoon were they going to go out and "board" burr!