Big love

This is conversation Carrie and I overheard our boys having last night...........

Braydon-"Who were you on the phone with?"

McRae- "My girlfriend"

Braydon-"I have three girlfriends."

McRae & Wyatt- "You can't have 3 girlfriends. Do they like you back?"

Braydon- "Well, 2 of them I like and they like me back. The other one likes me, and I sort of like her back, so I guess I just have 2 girlfriends."

McRae-"Dude, you can't have 2 girlfriends, that's like having two wives and you can't do that."

Braydon-"They did it like that in the old days."

Let's just hope Braydon gets a handle on his polygamist ways.