Oh, the ramdomness

Since I'm such a bad blogger these days, I will try to give you the cliff note version of what we have been doing around here.
Ellie had her last basketball game this weekend. I'm doing the snoopy dance just a little bit. I love going to the games, it's the practice twice a week at 5pm that I don't like.
But, the season is over and all the girls played their little hearts out. Ellie is #21. As you can see she is the littlest player by far. That did not stop her though. For being the smallest, she was the best rebounder........close to the ground I guess.

Brandon is getting my car ready for the Seattle roadster show this weekend. So, if you are in Seattle and happen to be at the roadster show, stop by and say hi to my Malibu. She will be there all weekend without me to watch over her.

Lila is home sick today. She has been sick since Saturday night. After dinner we were cleaning up dinner and listening to music like always. I hear this little clam quite voice say, "mommy, I got sick."

At first I didn't hear her because my inner 80's rocker was jamming to some rad tunes. What I thought she asked was if she could be done. I tell her sure. She replies, "No, mommy I got sick."

I go over and she had only got sick on her shirt and pants, nowhere else.She is such a clean freak. Leave it to Lila to get sick like a princess too.

She has been under the weather ever since. But, a little couch time, snuggles, and Ni hao Kai Lan is fixing all of that. For those of you out of the toddler loop on cartoons, that is the Chinese version of Dora on Nick Jr.

Okay, now to leave you with something funny.

Yesterday we went to a Birthday party for Ava (my friend Jen's daughter). All of the kids were invited, but Lila had to stay home with Baba since she was sick (sneaky Baba) Well, Braydon was being a bugger, so we left the party early.

Ava gave us the goodie bags for the kids. When I got home I handed them out to the kids, except Braydon, I told him since he was a brat he had to wait, and since we had to leave the party I got to pick out what I wanted and he could have the rest.

Well, Ellie says, "Why you eating Braydon's candy?"

I tell her since he was naughty I got to eat it all.

Today, her candy bag is no where to be found. She is probably a school hoping I won't find it and eat all her candy.