Would you call it a vacation if you don't even leave the county you live in? Is it a vacation if it's only 11 miles from your house?

I don't really care, I'm outta here for the weekend, No Children, No Husband, just me, my BFF, bottles of wine, and my ipod, what more can a girl want?

I can stay up as late as I want (and we do..think 5am), sleep in as long as I want (think noon). I won't have to cook, clean, or do dishes. I don't even have to shower, I will cuz you know, I should, but I don't have to! It will be utopia.

It's that time again to get inspired to scrapbook. I will have all weekend to scrapbook pictures of my family, friends,and vacations.....is that defeating the purpose of a mommy vacation? Scrapbooking the ones you are taking a vacation from.

Eh, who cares we have wine!!!