Um, why you gotta be so competitive?

They may look all smiles and lovies in this picture, but let me tell you the shoving and scratching is just under the surface.

These two fight for the spotlight all the time. Last night at Ellie's basketball practice she made 2 baskets for the first time. She is so short, she just barley makes it, so this was a BIG deal.

I was very proud of her and showed my enthusiasm with lots of praise and high fives. She told Brandon first thing when he got home, she was still talking about it this morning.

On the way home, which is just less then a mile, Lila can't let her have her glory she has to pipe in with her, "when I'm in second grade I'm going to play basketball and I'm going to get 4 baskets, mama and baba are going to give be big lovies and ice cream."

So, Ellie has to get her shot in she says,"I'm on a team, Lila you are too little and it will be a long time before you are 8."

This constant banter starts first thing in the morning with each one looking for a atta boy over who ate all their breakfast, to who got dressed first, who has their shoes on first, and who actually flushed the toilet. The entire time it's, "Mama, I got my shoes on, Mama I ate ALL of MY breakfast."

I thought for sure it would be Braydon and Ellie going head to head, but I have to say that relationship has evened it's self out and they are tighter then ever, which in turn sends Lila into, "He was my brother first mode, Mama and Baba went to China and got me first then you."

Which then sends Ellie into, "In MY China I".....whatever it happens to be at that moment. Because it is her China, Lila must have been in a different China.

Is this normal in sisters, regardless of an age difference? I have a brother 8 years younger then me, so I cannot relate.

I just want them to ease up a bit a little competition is good, but from sun up til sun down? Give me a break.