More milestones today

First picture of the three kids

Ellie showing us just how silly she can be.

We are taking a moment today to reflect on another milestone. Ellie has been with us 6 months now. We have all come along way from the day we all first met to become a family of 5.

She is fitting in like a glove these days (knock on wood, do I dare jinx myself) Her behavior has calmed down a lot from her erratic wildness.

She still has never shed a tear over leaving China. Sometimes she fantasizes about all the good things she misses, but for the most part she doesn't really care to talk about any of it.

Parenting an older child is really different for a toddler. It's harder to get close. She loves to snuggle, but she is such a busy girl that it's hard to pin her down.

She really is a good girl and she loves everyone, and everyone loves her, whats not to love?