keep it simple stupid.

I never gave it too much thought on how I was going to explain to Lila why she didn't come out of my tummy. I really figured when the time came for her to ask I would do as I always do when the kids ask me those difficult questions, KEEP IT SIMPLE and only answers the questions they ask, don't elaborate. There will be time down the road to get into details, right now at 4, I feel she needs to be 4 and not carry the weight of those details. She is a heavy thinker and too many deatils will scramble her mind.

After looking at scrapbooks of me when I was pregnant with Braydon, Lila one day says, she came out of her foster Mama's (LaLa) tummy.

I have really not prepared for how this is going to go.........I begin by saying, "Well honey, Let me draw you a picture."....I'm very artsitic, you can see the detail in my sketch huh?

I began by telling her in China Mama #1 carried you in her tummy, then she gave you to LaLa (Mama#2), and LaLa kept you until me, Mama #3 could come to get you. Now you will be with me forever.

She looked up at me and said, "Cool, and that's when you brought me my Hello Kitty backpack." and bounced down the hall.

It has been over 2 weeks that this conversation has taken place. There has yet to be any backlash, or additional questions.

I know this doesn't mean it's over, but I have satisfied the need for info with keeping it as simple as I can, I had better improve my drawing skills for where do babies come from.