Year in review

Is it really time already to refect, to reflect on everything that makes this life wonderful, challenging, and exciting all at the same time? Some days I wake up and it feels like this year was about 2 years rolled into one. So much has happened this year, so many changes to our family have made this year busy.
It has been wonderful sharing all the new experiences with Ellie, watching Lila become such a big girl, and seeing Braydon mature into a big brother, 10 year old boy, and wonderful son. Being with my best friend, knowing we share all of this together with our good friends, and family.
What more could we ask for?
Thank you everyone in blog land, the adoption community, and friends in far off lands for your support this year in our journey to another wonderful child. I really feel like I have made good friends, even though I have never met some of you face to face.
Thank you to my friends at home for your support we wouldn't know what to do without you.
You are all truly the best!!

Back in January we were throwing our paperwork together for our 2nd adoption. We took this picture to send to China, so they could see what we looked like. We also sent the same picture to Huang Jia Xiao (Ellie) waiting for us in a orphanage.

We cheered our favorite local hockey team!!!!

We took a much needed trip to the coast to be with loved ones.We camped with our best buddies everWe met little miss Ellie for the first timeSome of us turned 8 and 4. Some of us turned other numbers, but we won't talk about that.Some of lost our teeth for the first time

We discovered beaches for the first time together While camping with good friends.We enjoyed the warm weather in ArizonaWe picked out the best pumpkins ever.One of us turned the BIG 10Ellie got to see what snow was like......in this photo, not sure what to think, but just give her a minute and she rocked the snow ball fight.Even Vinny got in on the Christmas festivities.