Would it be considered a success if only 3 out of four hampers had laundry in it?? In my defense...it is not over flowing on the floor yet....I said Yet.
What has happened to this place?? I have never had this much laundry before EVER!!
Just when I think I get a handle on it...WHAM! These kids go and wear more clothes....I do at least 3 loads a day...When I say I do them. it means wash, dry, fold 2 loads and put none away!

I even have the front loader where you can fit almost 40 pounds in..Okay, it says 30 pounds...but doesn't it mean add 10 pounds? Sort of like the DMV where you subtract 20 pounds for your drivers licence weight? Everyone knows that...duh!

This is laundrypalooza weekend.....NOT FUN!