Santa got an ear full with this bunch. Lila told Santa exactly what she wants this year. She knows the drill. She told him right down to the color and size. Girly knows what she wants!

Ellie gave Santa a laundry list a mile long, in the hopes that maybe one will stick. She's not sure how this is all gonna go down, so she might as well throw it all out there on the line with the hopes all of what we are saying is true and this old guy really does show up with the loot.

Braydon on the other hand usually has the laundry list of about 100 things he wants, but this year we have hit a wall, he has everything. So, he has asked Santa to "surprise" him....Oh, Great!

Surprise him? Ugh! Brandon and I have racked our brains for 3 days now trying to think of something. After a long discussion over dinner the light bulb flickered and Brandon came up with a brilliant idea. I'm pretty confident it will be a surprise...if either of us could now just keep our mouths shut and not ruin the surprise.