The ones that WON'T make the Christmas card

Ellie looks so done with this, the dog is listening to Brandon, and Lila is the only one trying...this time.
Ellie's eyes are closed, Lila is channeling her inner chipmunk...and the dog well, who knows.
Braydon is doing something and Lila is chipmunking again.
The dog and Ellie aren't looking, Braydon is doing something strange with his lips

My big plan all shot to hell. I was going to be all clever this year with the Christmas card. Everyone was going to wear their Patriots* jersey, in support of the 13-0 season...well, For the photo-op I even called in a little snow..hee hee...No really, it could not have been better timing for the snow. It was Sunday right before the game, everyone was dressed, the snow began to fall, and just like that it all went down the tube....can someone please tell me why 3 kids cannot all smile at the same time? I wasn't to worried about the dog, cuz if he was going to be a brat I would just eliminate him from the picture, but I think people would notice if I eliminated one of the kids.
We will try again.......