First Snow

Ellie's first snowball to the face...courtesy of baba.

Camera lens was a little foggy...it was time for me to go inside to blog...burrr!
Last night the kids got a bit of a surprise, not only did their favorite babysitter come over, they got to go out to play in the first snow fall of the year.

We were caught a bit off guard with the snow, so all of the snow gear was still packed up from last year. The babysitter was so good though, she rummaged around to find things that would work just so the kids could play outside for a bit, garden gloves, beanies, and rubber boots....That's why she gets paid the big bucks!!

The babysitter said Ellie loved it so much, she protested when it was time to come in, and she never protest to the babysitter.

This morning the kids were chomping at the bit to get back outside. After a quick inventory of out last years winter clothes, we bundled everyone up to tackle the snow one more time before it leaves.