What make families do this in their living rooms?Braydon is doing itGpa Tracy is doing it
Ellie is doing it.....
It's this little thing......Oh my gosh we have had a blast. Braydon got this for his 10th birthday. He was so excited he almost fell over. All I have heard for months was ,HE was the ONLY kid in our neighborhood without one. Oh, the travesty! Lucky for him he was able to get this as a gift for his birthday.

The thing is just a blast. We all played it the first couple of days and we were all really sore. The boxing is a total workout. I was sweating.

Each of us has made up our little guy that looks like us and the competition is getting fierce around here. I'm undefeated in boxing and Brandon undefeated in baseball. I have to say that the bowling has to be my favorite so far. We have little side bets going on so far I have beat Brandon in bowling 2 days in a row, but I have a feeling he's going to make a comeback to take me down. The kids are funny, the cheer for who ever is winning.

It is definitely a family game machine. I love that you are up and moving. There is games for everyone....I'm thinking Santa needs to bring us Dance Revolution or Boogie.