weekend recap

Wooowhooo!!! I love a good night on the town!!! Brett, Carrie, Brandon, and I went to see Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount this weekend. If you haven't seen this guy on Comedy Central, or the Sierra Mist commercial, you are missing one funny guy. He is also on the show My boys, but I'm not a fan of the show. You have to go out and get his DVD Beyond the Pale it is funny stuff.

Before the show we had dinner at one of my favorite places (Wild Ginger) wandered around downtown, took in the sights, had a few drinks, and enjoyed some good ol' people watching.

We spent the night right downtown at Paramount Hotel, yup, you heard it right we left the kids all night, oh my gosh it was so nice...We stayed up past midnight shocking for me!
The kids did good with the babysitter. Now that just opens up all sorts of date possibilities now. It makes me want to book another night out.....maybe next month.
We made it home pretty early in the morning and pretty much laid on the couch all day.....Something about a night on the town makes a mom tired, so I figured my weekend was not over yet. So, I went out to get greasy burgers and fries and laid on the couch.....ah, the life...now reality is back and I had better go get the house prepared for our weekend guests.