Little tree hugger

Now really, someone tell me how you explain why you would want to drive out in the middle of nowhere, hunt for a tree, the perfect tree. But, also have to explain what a perfect tree is.

Then you have to explain to this person why you would want to bring this thing into your house.

Now, it doesn't stop there. You have to explain why you are putting lights and decorations on it for some guy in a red suit to come in your house through the fireplace, fill our stockings...which we don't wear, eat our cookies, and give us gifts.

You can only visit this guy at the mall on the weekend when it's really busy. He doesn't stay for dinner, or even say thank you for the cookies.

She must think we are so strange.

It wouldn't be so bad, but every time I would think that I had her understanding this, she would look at me very perplexed and ask, "Why?"

On the inside I'm screaming, "I HAVE NO IDEA!"

I did have to laugh at the kids on the way to school today. The conversation went like this...

Ellie-"Why you want Christmas to come Gugu?"

Braydon-"Because you get to ask Santa for presents."

Ellie- "Why?"

Lila-"look at me Ellie, I tell you, you get PRESENTS, duh!" (she really said duh)