We had a GREAT time in AZ....I wanna go back. The weather was perfect, the company was fabulous, the food and hospitality blows a 5 star hotel clear out of the water....why would you want to leave?....I didn't.

The good news was the weather at home was nice so it eased us back. We must have brought the sunshine with us.....You are welcome Pacific Northwest.

The kids enjoyed the pool, did lots of cannonballs. I would post lots of pictures of the cannonballs, but I don't want to embarrass some people with how big their splashes were. The kids are trying to figure out a way for us to get a pool...um, no.

Pool fun is no fun unless you get the drama out of the way right off the bat....UGH! I was slathering up the kids with sunscreen, Gpa was getting the pool already, when all of the sudden I look up and Lila is in the water bobbing over her head. I jumped in the pool in my PJ's to drag her out.... Picture Pam A, only chubbier. Lia was a bit shook up, but not scared enough to go back in with Gpa...Holy Cow. If that was not enough to freak a person out. I think the other two kids took that as a warning to be more careful.

We were all very bummed to come home. Not only were we leaving the prefect weather, we had to say good bye to Gma & Gpa. We will be planning another visit soon though.

Thank you Gma & Gpa for the great hospitality and all the fun we had...We really enjoyed our visit.