Mulan, Snow White and a Confederate Officer

The cute little boy in Ellie's class that she is in love with....She almost kissed him when he walked in with the football gear on, We are gonna have to watch that girl.

This day has been busy, busy, busy. Each of the kids had party in their classroom, at the same time. Good things they are across the hall from each other. Lila...um, um, sorry Snow White and I made several trips back and fourth to each classroom. First we watched Braydon give his oral book report in front of the class, then back to Ellie's class to pass out cupcakes and candy, back to Braydons to help with pizza and juice, and back to Ellie's for the costume parade....I feel like a yo yo! What am I gonna do when I have all three of them there?

Ellie was so thrilled with all of the festivities. She kept telling me Halloween is funny. At this point in the day she had no idea what to expect out of trick or treating.

After dinner the kids put their costumes back on and headed out, I stayed back to pass out candy and watch lame reality TV...so sad. Anyway, Ellie came back very surprised at all of her candy. She told me it was cold and funny and if in the morning it will be Halloween again....Oh God NO....was all I can think...GET THIS CANDY OUT OF HERE!!!!
You kn ow really this is a lame deal for poor Lila, she does not like chocolate, so Brandon and I take all her chocolate in trade for candy I set aside for her. If you take all of the chocolate out, Lila is left with 3 pieces of candy and I gain 10 pounds.....