look who got glasses...and loves them

She again floors me with her enthusiasm....Ellie picked up her new glasses yesterday bouncing with excitement the entire time. She kept telling the lady at the eye place thank you, like she had just given her a gift.
As we were driving home she told me she could see me from the third row. The poor thing, I could never figure out why she was so uninterested in watching movies in the car, um, well it was because she couldn't see them...DUH!

She was walking around the house looking at things saying, "Ellie can see" She even was enjoying looking at books last night and watched part of a movie.

This morning she couldn't get ready fast enough. She wanted to get to school to show Mrs. *** her new glasses. I bet today will be very exciting for her...she won't have to struggle to see her work.

She doesn't have to wear them all the time, but the doc said if it was easier for her to keep them on all the time then no big deal. She is so over the moon about them I think she wants to sleep in them.