I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

The sound of Ice jingling in my glass, the smell of sunscreen, and the feel of the hot baking desert sun ageing my skin like a rotisserie chicken......Arizona is calling my name. We will be taking our first trip to Az to my Mother in laws new house and this will be our first little family vacation with 5 of us.
We already know what it's like to travel with 3 kids, so no bis surprises there, but I have never packed for 5 people for only 4 days....I keep packing like we will be in China for 2 weeks.....i keep telling myself...4 days, 4 days...we are not going international, I will not be forced to by menthol tampons or fish flavored Pringles from the corner market.

The kids are ready to jump out of their skin with excitement. They tell anybody that will listen..."We are going to Gma Pam's and SHE HAS A POOL!!!!"
Don't get me wrong, they love Gma Pam. They talk about her all the time, but the pool thing is like have a pocket full of gold. It might as well be Disneyland...They have never been to Disneyland, so we will let them think it is equally as good for now. *Ciao*