Braydon's class is submitting short essays to an organization of veteran's for Veteran's day about heros. This is the essay Braydon is submitting. I love it when they make us proud, it makes all the rough patches all worthwhile.....

My hero is my Grandpa Dave. He served the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. The number of his ship was 730. He traveled to places in Europe and Asia. I am very proud he served our country; I would like to do that someday.

My Grandpa Dave is also a great teacher. He has taught me how to cook many dishes in the kitchen. He is a patient teacher. He takes time to show me how things work and how to fix things. He is a good listener; he listens to all my stories.

My favorite thing my Grandpa Dave cooks is breakfast. He takes his time to make sure it doesn’t burn. He is also good at grilling; he makes the best BBQ ribs. I think he should be a chef and I could be his assistant.

My hero is my Grandpa Dave because he served in the U.S. Navy, he is a great teacher, a good listener, and a great cook. I learn a lot from my Grandpa Dave, he is my hero.