Have you ever had a moment in time when you look at your husband....or significant other...and at that moment you remember what made you fall in love with them? Sometimes when it gets crazy around here and the days get busy I forget to tell him how much he means to me...He tells me everyday. Me on the other hand, I'm not so good at words out load...I tried the other night to say something nice and it came out all messed up....I'm better at words on paper.
I don't thank him enough for all he does. He goes to work each day with a positive attitude, he gives it his 100%, he is fair, honest, and wants to succeed and wants those around him to succeed. That is very hard to do in his profession.
He is a excellent father. The kids look forward to him coming home each night. They ask me 900 times when dad is going to be home...sort of like they are sick of me and need him. He is fun daddy, I'm boring and lame, and make them do homework and eat breakfast....he gets home and we can go to ice cream and play video games.
He is a wonderful husband and best friend....he tells me everyday how much he loves me, how pretty I am, what a good mom I am, and will go to just about any lengths to make me happy...I'm a bit spoiled.
I don't know what i would do without him. Sometimes I freak myself out by thinking what if something happens to him....I would have to be heavily medicated. He means everything to me. He knows me better then anyone, he knows what I'm thinking before I think it, he even knows some of my tricks and still lets me play them out.....I cannot believe he has put up with me for 17 years...and still hasn't run until he falls down....
What more could a person want? Nothing, I have it all in one man....I love you honey