Get your blog on....

I have a new motivation for blogging. I have been inspired, challenged, and excited to get busy.....A while back I signed up to post on Seattle Mom blogs. Were I contributed one lousy post regarding adoption an then the wheels sort of fell off...You know life, kids, motivation..Blah Blah.

Well...I have a new motivation.....Friday night Carrie and I went to a little "Cocktail" party Hosted by Method Seattle Mom Bloggers were invited to gather at the method house (They rent a house in the city to host parties) Cocktail were made by The Liquid muse all of it was organic and YUMMY...You can check out more pictures over at the Seattle mom blogs site, I was a lame-o and did not break out the camera.

To be honest I was not to sure what to think. I was really hoping to meet some other cool moms, have a few cocktails, and skate away with some free cleaning products. I ended up accomplishing all of that and a new motivation to inform, educate, and advocate for adoption. Not necessarily China...any adoption. I really feel I have something I could contribute. So many people have said I would love to adopt, but my husband isn't really into it. Or I wouldn't even know where to start....Well, I can help!! I could talk adoption all day if it means another child somewhere in this world found a forever family.
i had the opportunity to meet some very interesting, passionate, well spoken women...A few of the women are writing books, taking novel courses at UW...Not only are these women talented but, also mom's, wives, and friends What better motivation does one need.
Thank you so much ladies ..and Method for inspiring me to be more Green.