She is my hero

I have been so worried about her all day and finally the time came for me to go to the school to pick her up. Who is she? The bravest person I have ever met.
She is a fighter, she is a survivor, she is strong willed, she is determined not to fail, she is here to make a better life for herself, she is here under circumstances that would make most people cry and she is only 8 years old.
What this sweet face has endured in her 8 years is far more then most endure in a lifetime. The scars on her body tell a story I may never know, she may not even know or she may want to forget.
This face, this sweet face has made this mom very proud today.I'm proud of her courage, her ability to be brave, for trusting me and for doing it all with a smile.
My sweet Ellie, you are my hero, there is no one person braver then you today.
truly loving you with all my heart,