School is here!! School is here!!!!

The look of a HAPPY MOM
The look of happy kids
All the moms across the land all have a spring in their step today...All the little kiddies went back to school. And for those moms yesterday who told me they were sad their kids were going back to school.....WHATEVER!!!
Lila is going to a new preschool this year and it is across town, so it is going to be very tricky getting everyone where they need to go. Today Brandon took the morning off to take Lila to school. He wasn't too sure where it was so of course Lila had to tell him, "No Baba this is not it, it's the school with the green roof." She made it to school and is happy as a clam.

Braydon strolled right on in to class and started talking like he had never missed a beat. Catching up with all his buddies. He was able to get the teacher he wanted, plus the biggest bonus is his BFF at school is in his class sitting right next to him...that won't last long...but for now he is living the dream.

Ellie was doing fine until it was time for me to go. She got a little teared up as I was leaving, but seemed to be fine when I was peeking through the window (she couldn't see me) Her teacher is a sweetheart and I was watching her comfort Ellie each time she walked by. That makes me feel better knowing her teacher is trying to make her comfortable. Plus, I have 2 other moms there right now who are going to call me after the first recess to tell me how she is doing....you gotta love a small town.

I'm sure she will do fine. If we can get through the first day, she will be fine. She is actually very excited about learning.

So here I sit, having my oatmeal and coffee, blogging away in quite. I think my ears are ringing a bit. Ahhhhhh.....peace and quite, until 3:00.