This is a picture from spring 2006 of Katie-Mimi (Maryann) and Lila. Poor Mimi has been in the hospital a week tomorrow with a blocked intestine. She might get out soon or she might have surgery soon......Please get home soon Mimi...We are thinking about you and sending you loveies
Lila at the waterfall in the White Swan
Ellie Just hanging out
Braydon camping

Not to much worth posting these days...I'm feeling pretty boring. Keeping up with three kids is pretty busy, school is going good for everyone so far.

I haven't started running again, but tomorrow is the day. I will lace up those tennis shoes and put on a happy face. Why is it so much easier to sit at home and blog then get out and run 4 miles? Blogging sounds much more fun..... My jeans would like me to take a bit of the tension off of then, so i had better get out and run. ......dang tight jeans, Dang brownies, Dang ice cream, Dang running shoes.

I'm also waiting for my blogger friend to get her waiting child referral in October. She is waiting for her second child from China. She is taking a little break from blogging right now....but I want her to know, I know what she is going through and I'm thinking of her everyday. I cannot wait for her to share her news...You would think it was me getting the referral.

I'll leave you all with some random pictures, since that is what you all come here for...pictures of the kids....