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Two months ago in China
I cannot believe we have been home for 2 months now. Time sure flies when you have a busy family. Adjustments are going good. I think everyone has settled in to their place...at least for now.

Ellie continues to LOVE school. I think she would stay there all day if they would let her. The school has been great with her adjustment. She is signed up for all the help available to her, I'm really glad we put her in second grade. She has a pretty busy morning. She goes to a kindergarten class for an hour to learn fundamentals. She has ELL for 45 minutes, a reading class for an hour and the regular classroom for the rest of the day. According to her teachers she is doing great and is a rock star just like Lila.

As for Lila Liking school...well she is sort of a preschool dropout this year. She was not a big fan of going there, and I wasn't a fan of the teacher. How do you feel warm and fuzzy about a place when the teacher doesn't greet the kids in the morning or say goodbye to them as they leave? She was too worried about chatting with the mom's that are more then half her age.

One morning she totally ignored Lila's crying to continue her conversation about quitting curves, because it was too boring, whatever! When I called to tell her we were considering leaving the program, she could care less....so I could care less that we left.

Braydon is liking his teacher still...thank goodness! He has been studying his spelling words each night and got a 100%....I was very proud of him...let's hope he is a better speller then his mother. Our next big task for him is to get his multiplication facts memorized so they are like second nature to him...again hope he masters them better then his mother...are you seeing a pattern here? Why didn't he get his fathers school brain and my good looks, instead he go my school brain and his dads good looks....good thing he's handsome!!

We had our one month post placement visit last night....yeah, I know about a month late, but when you are on your second time around...you slack off a bit....I thought both of us were going to jump through the ceiling when she asked us if we were going to adopt again....We both hollered out, NO!! It sounded so rude, so we both quickly recovered by trying to say in nicer...Holy cow! I'm guessing we are on the same page there! My hats off to those who can endure the wait more then twice...I think we would be in the loony bin......Now, if I won the lotto and could hire a housekeeper, nanny, and buy a bigger house, a bigger car, and a bigger grocery bill....I'd have to reconsider....but, I think the chances of that are slim since I don't buy tickets.

Hope everyone has a good weekend