Who's got time to post

She never takes a bad picture
The birthday kids WILD CATS VS WILD DOGS

She even wore her crown going down the water slide
She is so small, I bet those balloons will float her away

It has been so long since i have posted. I got to thinking people must be thinking we have fell off the Earth, we are all still here.

We have had busy couple of weeks. Nai Nai (Gma) Pam has been here since the 1st. She left yesterday to drive back to Arizona. The kids have been totally bummed. They miss waiting outside Nai Nai's door for her to get up in the morning. I don't know what I'm going to do without her either. How am I going to navigate my day with 3 kids? She was a total help. Between Nai Nai and the housekeeper, I had it pretty good. They are both gone, it was good while it lasted.

Over the weekend we had a birthday bash for Lila (4), Ellie (8), and cousin Alex(7). The lids went on the water slide, pushed each other in the go kart, and played a mean game of soccer. Ellie was completely wiped out. She had the best time.

Transition and bonding have been going good. Ellie continues to impress us with her determination and eagerness to try just about anything. She is ready to learn and ready to please us. She wants more then anything to make us all happy. We haven't had any major issues, just normal kid stuff. she has been testing her boundaries. All three kids and trying to find their place, so we have a bit of drama from time to time, but again nothing major.

I have not given up totally on the other shoe dropping, but have eases up on my anxiety of it happening anytime soon. I'm guessing if we are going to have any major meltdown from Ellie, it's going to come after school starts and her frustration level goes up. right now there is no pressure to learn or preform. We will see though, she is a very determined little girl.

I will try to keep up on the posts, but I have been running , running, running. Just know we all appreciate all of the support and interest in our adoption journey to both of these girls and hope it will inspire someone out there to consider adoption or even better consider and older child adoption.