Where am I going to find time to post to this blog with three kids? Man, I cannot wait until we can all find our bearings and get into a routine so I can find some time to blog. I feel like some of my favorite blogs are going on without me. By the time I have a chance to catch up all news will be OLD news.

I will make this post a quickie....Ellie is doing great. She is trying really hard with her vocabulary. Each day she is verbalizing more and more. She can comprehend most everything.

She has her first state side doctors appointment today. Hopefully it will go smooth. I know she is not a big fan of the doctor, but girlfriend is going to have to learn to tolerate it a bit for the next few months until we can get an idea of her health status.

I will try to post some pics in the next few days. Right now things are a bit crazy around here.