She thought she was so sly.....but I caught her by surprise. Sometimes Ellie likes to voice her opinion on food before she has even tried it. She will wave her hand and say, "Ellie no eat" I assure her firmly, oh, but you are.
The other night she thought she would protest my yummy cheesy bread, but this time she was protesting it in Chinese, followed by a flash of her big dimples. She thought she was being so clever.To her surprise I knew what she was saying, and returned the comment I use every time, followed up with a little Chinese NO! She was busted! The tears rolled down her face. I'm guessing she was a bit shocked and embarrassed. She quickly hugged my leg, it's her version of sorry Mama.
As we sat down to dinner she took a big dinosaur bite of cheesy bread, turned to me with a big cheesy bread grin, "Mmmm, good Mama."
I find it funny and comforting to know she is clever, and comfortable enough to push the boundaries. Lets just hope I'm smart enough to keep up with all the things these kids are going to challenge us on.