She loves being silly

Sunbathing girlie girl

The boy being silly too.

We have been home a little over a week and all is well. Everyone is doing really well considering we have been busy with visitors and outings.

Ellie is an amazing little girl. Her language is coming along so well. Each day she has a few new words and even putting together broken sentences. For a couple of days now she knows what "in a minute" is. At the doctor visit she was asking me if we were going home in a minute. It sound more like home inaminute.

She really doesn't like going to bed. I think she has never slept alone, so it's a bit freaky for her. For a few night she would cry for about 20 minutes then fall asleep. I thought at first it was grieving. I was giving her lots of lovies and reassurance that it was okay to be sad, well that wasn't the case, she just didn't want to go to bed.

The other night we were all out on the deck while the kids had ice cream cones. I told them after ice cream it was time to get pajamas on. Ellie quickly shakes her head no (one of my pet peeves, more on that at another time) I assure her that, yes it is time for sleep soon. She holds up two fingers and says, "two inaminutes mommy" girlfriend is really getting it.

The doctor visit went really well. She was not to happy about the gown, but we made a fun game of trying not to let her booty hang out. One thing I did while we waited for the doctor that really helped her was I took a depressor out and showed her what the doctors was going to do, I used the little hammer on her knees and elbow, and took the flashlight thing off the wall and told her the doctor was going to look in her eyes and ears, i made it sort of a silly game. When the doctor finally came in to do these things she thought he was silly and was totally relaxed. Just a little FYI for those dreading your first doctor visit with limited communication skills.

She is attached to me all day long and needs to know where I am pretty much every minute, but is away long enough to give Baba and Grandma Pam attention too. She is showing affection to us on her own and seems to do it because she wants to and not because she thinks we want her too.

On her maturity level, I would have to say it isn't anywhere close to American kids on maturity. She is very innocent (a good thing) like a 6 year old. Kids in America are so advanced in maturity, it's a bit sad. Most of the girls we know her age are not really playing with dolls or Barbie, they are listening to i pods and watching High School Musical, and lusting after boys....again sad.

Today we have a birthday party for a little girl who is turning 7, I'm hoping she will make some friends and have a good time. School starts in a month here and all of these girls will be either in her grade or a year younger.