Happy campers

We took a little weekend camping trip to one of our favorite places. If you are ever looking for a good family camping place in western Washington, this is the place. Now, when I say camping, I mean my kind of camping.......cable, Wifi, microwave, heat, and showers in my 30 foot trailer. Ellie really wasn't sure what we were saying when we said camping...she thought we were going to sleep in the trailer at home in the shop. Then she wasn't too sure how we were going to drive it....When she saw it behind the car, it all made sense.
She was diggin' on toasted marshmallows in the fire, but not a fan of s'mores....NO s'mores?, are you kidding?
It did rain Saturday for a bit so Brandon and I taught Braydon how to play tile rummy. I think he is hooked!! I wasn't too much help after drinking a bottle of wine....but, it was all good. I was sober enough to make dinner....isn't that what counts??
I was hoping this camping trip would be the bonding that we all needed. It was. Things are getting better. Braydon has come to some realizations about what it's like to be a brother to two sisters, and me, I'm coming to the realizations of I now have three kids....UGH!!!

We are really looking forward to some up coming camping trips we have for the month of September. I feel bad we have only used the trailer twice this year, and have only used the boat once, I have maybe drove the Malibu 4 times....What have we been doing? Oh, yeah, China....