For our "DATE" Brandon and I had great seats to the Seahawk preseason games against the Raiders....if anything was going to be good, it was going to be the people watching. Raider fans are the best for being entertaining. BTW the picture is NOT from our seats. We had to go to the 300 level to buy peanuts and Carmel corn...They don't sell that stuff in the Club seat floor. Why I have no idea, but you can buy a 10.00 bloody mary there.....10.00 dollars? I could get a bottle of vodka for less then that.
The date was awesome. I just enjoyed having a meal and a conversation with my husband without being invaded or having to take some one poop, or clean up a spilled drink.
Even though we were home early, it was nice to get away for a while. Ellie did pretty good with the babysitter. I think most of her problems were with her brother trying to boss her around....not too much drama and everyone survived...so that means MORE DATES!!!
4 more days until school starts.....can you see me doing the Snoopy dance??