West Lake water show
Boy on roller skates and a bullwhip
Ready for the day

Our trip to the market was interesting. We saw lots of herb medicine shops, a guy with a giant whip cutting a piece of paper out of the hands of a little boy wearing a spandex suit and roller skates, and a laughing Buddha with children climbing on him.
After very tired children took naps, we walked to the lake to blow bubbles. The bubbles I brought were a bust, but we did get to watch the fountain show.
Tomorrow late afternoon we will be flying out to Guangzhou. We are very happy about that, we need new scenery. We have explored quite a bit with our guide and on our own, this set of rooms is beginning to get small. It will be nice to get to the White Swan.
I may not post tomorrow, since we won't get to our rooms until almost 9pm (China time)