We have made it through our first day. The wheels have not totally fallen off of this ride yet. Boy does she have a personality!!! We went over to the Pizza Hut for some lunch. She was trying to stand in her chair and shake her butt while singing. What a crack up!

Ellie and Lila played really good with their American Girl dolls for the longest time. Braydon felt a bit like the third wheel. It took everything he had to not want to comb the dolls hair too. But, the tides soon changed. Lila took a quick little power nap and when she woke up she saw Braydon and Ellie playing with the DS. She had her feelings hurt and began to cry. Poor baby I don't think realized she was going to have to share her brother too. She was still a little sad at dinner, but when we got back to the room Ellie was packing her and kissing her cheeks and Lila turned to her and said, "Ah, look at those dimples" and gave Ellie a big hug.....all was good.

Ellie had a bath, poor girl has a tons of bug bites and some eczema on her forehead. She got dressed in her PJ's and was so excited to get into bed. She crawled in to bed kissed both Brandon and I and went to sleep.

Tomorrow we have more paperwork and will try to do some shopping. On the way to dinner we passed a Bentley dealership, no cars in there but a place where you can place a order. This place is amazing, I will try to post pictures of the landscape..