We are home and feeling the jet lag

We have been home now for 24 hours and all is well. Ellie is settling in good. I have never seen someone so excited before. She is truly excited to have a family, it is the sweetest thing.

The first leg of the flight was good. We slept most of the 12 hours. By the time we all woke up, cleaned up, and ate some very questionable food we only had less then an hour. Getting into LAX was a total pain in the butt. I truly hate that airport, it is a toilet. After we navigated our way through the miles of construction, we finally made it to the baggage claim/customs area, TOTAL MESS!! It took almost 2 hours for them to get us trough customs, we almost missed our flight to Seattle. Thankfully the chic at Alaska Airlines took so long checking us in, she escorted us to the front of the security line, so we didn't have to wait the 30+ minutes to get through that.

We made it to the plane, barely. We were so sick of planes and traveling we decided to upgrade our final flight home to first class. Ellie thought for sure she had made the big time. They had ice, real ice cubes. She even got a full glass of ice with a spoon all to herself. She stood on the chair and squealed with delight. I couldn't wait to get her home to show her the ice maker.

She was pretty excited to see the house was just like in the pictures. She went right to her room and began looking through the toys and clothes.

We got unpacked, watched some TV and ate Mac & Cheese at 4 am. The first day home was a struggle to stay awake, but today was much better. I think we are all getting a cold so it hadn't been to fun around here, we are all pretty tired.

Today we hit the mall for some shopping and a hair cut for Ellie. I think the orphanage randomly chopped at her hair. She had crooked ends and chunks missing. After a nice shampoo and a cute style, she looks even cuter. (is that even possible?) The mall was pretty much enough activities for us today...We came home for a short nap only to head out again for some food.

Tomorrow will be a big day too, it is the memorial for Kenny's mom, and after we are having people over to hang out. the weather is suppose to be nice. It will help with the day of heavy hearts.

I'm off for some much needed sleep.....

PS...I'm going to work on a new picture for the blog......this is one of my favorite pictures of the three kids...so far.