We are finally back home...and when I say "home" I mean the White Swan Hotel. I WANT TO LIVE HERE!! It is just fabulous on every level. We have the two room suite(parlor suite) on the 26Th floor over looking the river from every room. They were being remodeled last year when we were here so we couldn't stay in them. OH, they did a good job. We have classical music playing throughout the entire suite, king size bed, 3 bathrooms, 3 TVs (Brandon is living the dream), slippers, and silk robes for all 5 of us.I feel so pampered. For a family of 5, this is the way to go.
Holt took us to a place today for a 70 min back and foot massage for less then 10 US dollars (48rmb). They stuck our feet in a hot water bucket with herbs, while a very strong 89 pound Chinese woman turned you into a boneless chicken. i have never had a massage like that before. wow! It was the best. I will be going back tomorrow if they let us. I took some pictures with my little camera, but they didn't turn out like I had hoped. One was of Braydon after his back massage, laying in the chair like a puddle. I was surprised he made it through the entire thing. He loved it.
After the massage we went to the best Thai food ever (kicks Wild Ginger's butt) We will be going back again tomorrow or the next day with the entire travel group.
The girls took a bubble bath (to classical music) and had a blast. As you can see Ellie is a total crack up. She is so silly and VERY smart. I had to go to a meeting today, which took 2 hours. The kids stayed in the room with Brandon. Ellie was writing out math problems on paper (in English) mostly all double digit addition, but still we were both very impressed. We were never sure of her education. We will be doing a bit more evaluating now before we decide what grade she will be in.
I had better go get these girlie's in bed, last night was a late one. We didn't get into GZ until 10pm and checked in until after 11pm. Oh, and the flight here went good. Ellie was so excited to fly on the plane, she asked me 20 times a hour when we were going. I thought maybe she would be sad, um, no. She looked at the ground as we took off and shrugged her shoulders at me and waved good bye to the ground.
Tomorrow we will be going to electronics market, jade and pearl market and a Cantonese dinner...