Three more days and a wake up!! I'm getting ready to jump out of my skin with excitement. For the past week people have been asking me if I was excited, I don't think excited was a word I could have used, more like numb, the adoption wait sort of does that to you. Being almost a pro now (kidding) I have learned to not get excited until you really get down to the last few days. Today, I'm excited....3 days until lift off.
Lila had her first sleep over last night. Lila and Braydon spent the night with Carrie. I was a little nervous about how Lila would do for her first away from mommy night, um, yeah, she didn't seem to care. She had her slippers, toothbrush, and Erinie packed in her backpack and she was outta here to sleep at her best friend Katie's house. Mommy on the other hand was missing the kids at bedtime.
I spent the day getting a pedicure, manicure and some much needed waxing. Brandon and I had lunch and dinner together, childless. We even sat at the bar at our favorite pub, shared a Philly cheese steak, watched the Mariners, and tried not to talk about the kids or adoption....it was rather romantic, adult conversation, I didn't even have to tell anyone to eat their dinner or take anyone to the bathroom.
Today, is house scrubbing day.....I had better get busy!!