Put your hands together and celebrate!

Well, at least I'm doing the Snoopy dance. I finally got a good night sleep and woke up refreshed and ready to celebrate the count down to 7 days until lift off.

I did a little packing last night. I think we may be taking less luggage then I had originally thought. I think I can get my stuff in a smaller suitcase and put the boys in one and the girls in another. That would put us with only three bags total. That would rock.
We did our travel phone conference today...over a hour long...UGH!! It was okay, still have not received any info on the other families we are traveling with, oh well, I guess it will be a surprise this time.
I have managed to upload a few of the cute dresses we have for Ellie. I haven't done a ton of shopping for her. I really want to do it more when she is home....lesson I learned last time. Most of the clothes I'm taking for her in China are cute little sale dresses I found for her at Old Navy/Gap. One time I went in there and was able to get her 2 skirts 5 shirts and one pair of jeans for 15.00 bucks. I love a good sale!!