I know I haven't posted too much about every one's adjustment, but truthfully, I have been trying not to jinx us. Everything is really going good right now. Lila is being her sweet self and waiting for Ellie to approach her. Braydon is being the good big brother to both girls. He is just the best big brother ever. He is pretty easy going when it comes to sharing the affection of mom & dad. We took him to the electronics market this morning, so he is loaded up with 5 new DS games. I haven't heard a peep out of him for over a hour now.

Ellie is loving her new name. She repeats it 50 times a day. She will answer to Ellie, but prefers Ellie Xiao.

Her English is coming right along...She is saying Hello, Good bye, Good night, Good morning, water, Thank you, No Thank you, Potty, i Pod, Lila, eat, pool, Apple juice, Orange juice, bed, shower, there are a few more I'm not thinking of, but it is really coming along. The communication is good, she knows quite a bit of sign language and I know a little (Thank you Leslie) and it is working out pretty good.

We looked at pictures of home on the laptop last night. She recognized the house and the yard and playset. She asked when we are going there in the airplane. She clapped with excitement of pictures of her room, and laughed at all of our white friends. She wanted to know where all of our Chinese friends were. Boy is she in for a surprise. I tried to explain to her America is not like China....lots of light skin people....she laughed.