I have to be the luckiest mom in the world

Lovies for Baba too....One happy Baba.
They are just so cute!!

Snuggles for mom

I have waited for this day for 9 months


Things are going really good today. I have been trying to work on eye contact with her. In the morning when I brush her hair or help her get dressed, I try to look her in the eye. She wasn't having too much of that this morning. By the afternoon she was giving a few seconds at a time. The big progress was coming when we were in the pool. I would swim with her and make good eye contact. By the time we got back to the room, had our showers, and brushing hair, and teeth, she was getting real good at looking at me. Well, the best part was when I went in after she was in bed to give her some cold medicine, she took my face with both hands (like I do to her) and said, "look in my eye (in English) mama, I love you. (in Chinese)" I just about melted into a pool right on the floor. I really think she means it. She had the biggest dimple smile, just pulled the covers up to her chin, snuggled into her pillow and closed her eyes.