I finally feel like a human again. Other then a bit of a head cold, I'm pretty much over the jet lag. I really feel like life can now resume to it's regularly scheduled programing. The adoption chase is over, she is home. She is everything I expected and more. Everything we read about her said she was quite, and serious...umm, not even close. She is loud, silly, outgoing, and smart.

At the memorial yesterday she was very open to meeting everyone. Saying hello, and even dishing out a few hugs to Poppy and Mimi. She fell right into place with the kids. Braydon was acting out his Don King fantasy by getting Ellie to beat up a kid in the nursery. I guess the kids were pretending to box. Soon Braydon figured out Ellie was scrappy, and put her up against another little boy. Next thing I know as I'm talking to the little boys mom, he comes in and says, "The girl from China beat me up!" Just fabulous!! Ellie runs in all proud of herself pretending knock out the poor boy again. It was all fun and games, but really did we have to do it at a memorial service?

Brandon went back to work, and the kids and I hit Costco. It was my first outing alone with the kids. I have to say it went pretty good. There was minimal drama and I managed to get out of there and home with out taking everyone to the potty at least twice.

It has taken me a lot longer to post to the blog. I thought it would be no problem keeping up with it after we got home....I'm pretty funny huh? I have two shadows now.

I have to laugh at this, but it the description on the blog I mention that I can never go to the bathroom without someone opening the door, so I never shut it anymore to make it easier for the kids and dog to find me. Well, my sweet little Ellie hollers for me an when I answer her that I'm in the potty, she comes and shuts the door. Can you believe it, she shuts the door, now the other knuckle heads need to take note.

We will be getting ready for our visit from Grandma Pam on Wednesday. The kids are very excited. Lila has been baking cookies in her oven for Gma Pam since Christmas....Thank goodness she coming, those are some done cookies.