Hot, hot, and more hot weather

I have never felt anything like it, it is scorching hot and humid. Today the weather was 98+ and 90+% humidity. UGH!! We started out early in the morning to take a tour of West Lake, by the time the end of the tour was over, it was the heat of the day, we were all dying. We ended up spending the afternoon in the room and pool cooling off. They were all real troopers, we only heard a little complaining, and that was from me.

Tomorrow is June 6th on the Lunar calender, the Chinese say it is the hottest day, you can fry an egg. Our guide Lisa said as a kid she tried it, and it worked. We will be taking a tour of a old shopping street I guess, we are starting out a bit earlier to beat the heat. I have a feeling we will be in our room again in the afternoon.