Good old insomnia, oh how I have missed you....NOT

Here I am again, sleepless, restless, and antsy. If you look at the time stamp on this post you will see that I should be in bed sleeping like the rest of the people, not the case. Maybe I need to be on some good sleepy meds for the next 8 days. Did you hear that?, 8 days!! We are down to the single digits folks.
We have been keeping pretty busy. I have managed to spread out 2 days worth of errands into 2 weeks so far. This week not so much to do, but I'm sure with the 4th holiday coming and other things I'm sure I have forgotten at good Ole' Target, I will manage to make it to next Tuesday with only mild panic.

I have been trying to post photos of the weekend, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding them on the computer. I will try again in the morning when I can think a bit more clearly.

Cheers, to only having 8 days to go until we leave for China to meet our little Ellie's sweet face.